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We will RISE… Again.

It has been a very long break from blogging… one reason being that we haven’t had the internet for months (except the use of my 3G phone) so that we could save some funds.  The other reason being, Life has been CrAzY!


So what has happened in the 5 months that I have let slide by without the attention of my computer….

We celebrated a princess’s 4th birthday with tons of pink and bling… We went to NYC for the very first time… We realized life is still good without the use of cable television…  We celebrated a 30th birthday with only a few dreaded moments… We welcomed home our 3rd baby girl who happened to surprise us 2 weeks early…

And Wade lost his job.

Yup.  I said it.  I honestly did not think those words would be coming out of my mouth.  Especially so soon.  But it’s true.  As of last Sunday afternoon, my husband, Wade Nagy is once again Unemployed.

First… let me say that any time you shed the light of Jesus in this world, you will recieve persecution.  That is what this was this is.  However, you do not have to submit or bow down to the persecution you recieve.  You may rise up.  You will get the victory in the end because of Christ Jesus.  

But it was an emotional day.  Days actually.  Filled with all the “why’s,” the tough questions, the surealness of “did that really just happen?” and of course many hard pouring tears.  We have had to fight thoughts of anger and doubt, welcome forgiveness and begin to move forward.  Forward with positive thoughts, words of faith and of course rebuke all fear.

The day after the news… we had already begun to see God’s goodness, the HOPE that it was going to be okay.  Blessings of dinner invites, gift cards, people searching endlessly for “connections,” resumes being passed and so much more.  We were even given a car and some free Wi-Fi to use for Wade’s job search from a neighbor that we have only known for a short time.  Talk about setting your possessions down for Christ?  I would say that is a perfect example.  With every blessing comes tears and even some shock… but we shouldn’t be shocked when God’s blessings are provided through others in such a loving way.  Because that is HIS body.  His body working diligently for His Kingdom.

God is the restorer of all things.  He is provider of all good things.  He is our redeemer.  He is the lover of our souls.  He IS the I AM.  And it is because of who He is, that we can find rest in the position that WE are in.  We can find rest and peace knowing that God has divinely orchestrated the beginning and the end of our story.  The story of our life.  We will fight for His purpose and with that may come trials.  But we will not bow down.  We will not hang our heads low… we will RISE.  We will see His Glory through all of this and we believe that He is promoting our family forward.  We will one day be able to bless others just as we have been blessed.  This time, we are stronger because of our past.  This time, we can draw from the well and remember from our last testimony that God will see us through.

We are called to shore.  And we will not be moved by this. Thanks for your prayers! 

Wade and Tiffany Nagy

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