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Rest: Silent and Still

I was trying to write a blog and every thought I had was interrupted.  As I sat across from my 8-year-old who was coloring an oversized Elsa and Anna pic, I could not help but notice her inability to just “be quiet.” 

As a family of 6, we very rarely have a dull moment, much less a moment to ourselves.  This is one thing that I absolutely love about our big, crazy family.  I was an only child and my life was full of moments being alone and adapting to the quiet.  It is probably the number one reason that escaping to my bathroom with a handful of M&Ms is sometimes my greatest victory for the day.  It explains why, when I wrestle with life’s questions that I usually tend to want to be alone. 

However, with 3 sisters and a house that is under 1200 square feet, my oldest is lucky to even a minute of silence. 

So when the youngest came down with pink eye and the other two were off with daddy retrieving the needed meds, I found myself sitting across the table from a little girl that was incapable of sitting in silence. 

It led me to think about the women of today, living in a non-stop society full of billboards reminding us that self-achievement and hustle are all part of what it means to be successful.  That being idol for even a moment represents a lack of productivity and that if you want to make it in this world, being busy is how to do it.

I love to hustle.  I love to be busy.  And checking off my list gives me a sense of pride, accomplishment, and determination.  It makes me feel important. 

But all of this without the ability to be still before the Lord and breathe in what He is saying only builds a false sense of identity.  Soon, your hustle, your need to be busy will only create a person that you never meant to become.

A busy human-being, lacking real purpose and real happiness.

I want my daughters to learn my work ethic and my drive to be successful.  But I want even more for them to see me be still before the Lord.  I want them to remember me on my knees posturing my life before the Lord.  Not just successfully managing my household. 

How we work is important.  But if that is all we ever do, our fruit will be labor in vain.  Being still before the Lord and allowing Him to guide and direct our “busy-ness” is the Miracle Grow needed to produce the fruit that lasts for Eternity.  And if you have lacked a green thumb as I do, then you know Miracle Grow is a key element to a beautiful garden. 

As my oldest hummed, made funny burping noises and wrestled on her knees to sit still, I simply said, “it’s okay to be silent. to be still.”

I watched her countenance change and she became comfortable in the need to not say anything at all. She resumed coloring and it was the moment of silence we both needed for those 10 long minutes before the rest of the tribe came busting in the door. 

It’s in those moments of silence that refresh us for the hustle and bustle. Let’s teach our sons and daughters what God taught us on the seventh day.

To Rest.


find rest, oh my soul, in God alone.

psalm 65:2

Wade and Tiffany Nagy

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