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A New Year is a New Start

A lot of my beginning blogging days were writing about my goals for the New Year. My endeavors in becoming something that I wanted to be. I don’t really do resolutions anymore. However, I still enjoy the process of writing down goals, dreams, and aspirations for myself that I hope God will do and help me do by the time the New Year rolls around once again.

A New Year is a New Start.

Every year I leave a tad bit of disappointment left on the table. Ok, let’s be honest, some years I’ve had a lot of disappointment as the clock strikes 12. But at the same time, intense Hope abounds as we love a New Start. We crave a fresh beginning.

Growth Journal Picture

This year I was hesitant to look back over some things I had written in my Growth Journal. I had begun this new type of journal that asks you to write down your goals/ dreams for specific areas of your life. It breaks down your prayers in categories and has scripture beside each one. I remember holding back as the pen scribed dreams that were fairly possible.

The risk of being disappointed is fragile territory and it’s hard sometimes to believe amidst the fear of failure.

But as my pen began to write, I remember Him saying, Bigger. I want you to Dream Bigger. Therefore, I began to write more freely. Not from a place of “I am going to strive and kill myself to make all of this happen.” But rather a place of, “this is my wildest, most impossible dreams and I am giving them over to You who can make the impossible, possible.

As I skimmed the words I had written from January 2019, I was shocked to find some things that I didn’t realize. Some outlandish dreams were actually answered. Things that I didn’t even foresee as being a part of my 2019 closure. Why didn’t I see them? There should have been a big celebration as I hit some of these goals right?

I believe that sometimes the process can overshadow the prize.

In other words, God answered some things I had prayed for but He didn’t just give them to me on a silver platter. Some things He did. But other things He gave to me through a process that I didn’t even know correlated to the prayer I had prayed.

Only God can give you something you need through something that seems so opposite of what you asked Him for.

I look back and I see a list of dreams and requests that were given to me through my mistakes and my failures. My wrong turns. My weaknesses. And I see God. I see once again how He can take my dreams and refine them through trial. How He can change and redirect but yet still come through in a victorious way. I see now how He can take a rough start and turn it into a fresh start for all to begin once again.

That even as He gives us a New Year to dream and ponder what the year 2020 will hold, He also gives us a New Day to do the same. He wants and desires to refresh our souls through New Beginnings and He begs us to see the process in a new light. The light of knowing that the way of the process is actually the way to our deepest desires. He sees what we feel in our hearts. He knows what we write on those blank pages as we dream and aspire to be more than what we currently are.

And he knows how to get us there.

Here is to 2020 and every New Day it holds. I pray blessings over each and every one of you who reads this. That your dreams and your disappointments will carry you to the place you are meant to be. I pray that no good thing will be withheld and that you will feel His favor, His peace and His provision over your life. And if you don’t know Jesus personally, reach out to me. I would love to pray for you and talk.

Happy New Year.

The process is worth it.

Wade and Tiffany Nagy