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Our health is our wealth

Ironically, I had this post planned out in my head long before the flu-like symptoms came into our home. I wish I could homeschool them without the school part just so I could saran wrap them all from October to May. But that plan just doesn’t seem to work and now that they are in school, it’s even harder. But gosh, this is when having so many people in one small house is the toughest. So I’ve been cleaning since 2 am watching the spin cycle on repeat and pumping us all full of vitamins, veggies, soup, and monolaurin.

Our health has been a life cycle of change, learning and failing over the last 9 years. Discovering I had an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s back in 2011 was the beginning of my journey in holistic and alternative medicine. I would be lying if I didn’t say over half of the information I first learned was beyond my understanding. The finances it often took to seek alternative care was beyond our pay grade. And if you ever want to be misunderstood, judged or basically looked at like you have three eyeballs, then tell someone you are treating your disease with diet and supplements.

Believe me, the holistic approach has come a long way and the gluten-free, paleo, grain-free, isle at the grocery store now exists and actually tastes almost as good as the other stuff. But somewhere along this health journey, I had lost the desire to grow in my health.

Like almost anything, we can become managers of our circumstances and if it’s not screaming at us in pain or discomfort we often find ourselves settling for whatever.

We can do this with our finances. Our diets. Our marriage. Even our children. You know… the discipline problems we know everyone sees but yet we can’t muster up enough energy to address it. So we ignore and become managers of our circumstances. We are all guilty of this in some area of our life in one season or another.

Last year, began a wake-up call to our family who had become idle in our quest to be healthy. Sure, we tried, but we had fallen into the category of convenient and cheap. Smoothies and chia seeds became a new morning routine, while seasonal fruits and vegetables became a priority again. The only problem was we never deleted some things and quickly old habits became new norms.

For 2020, I felt God reminding me that our greatest wealth is our health.

At the close of 2019, I had made a list of areas that I wished to see MORE growth. Health was one of those areas. Provision was another. As I wrote out the word “pro- vision” I realized that pro means in favor of and vision means to see.

God is in favor of me SEEING HIM in everything I do.

This is the kind of provision He wants to pour out. This is the kind of goal for 2020 He wants me to aim high for. So this is the attitude I will choose to have when viewing my health. Health isn’t about a scare that causes you to change your ways until all is made well. Health isn’t about gluten-free, grain-free or taste-free options that line your pantry.

Health is the priority of seeing yourself as worthy.

Therefore, health is our greatest wealth. Without, we cannot do the other things we wish to do while on this earth. So 2020 has been all about seeing God in everything I do. Including the foods, I choose to put in my body. I have begun to ask Him about choices. Sometimes He says yes to my favorite coffee creamer and other times I feel I need to hold off. What I am finding is, that as I allow Him into my daily food choices, I am communing with Him while I enjoy it. I am more thankful. More aware. More confident. More satisfied. More Healthy.

This is going on my fridge. I thought you may like one too.

Health is our greatest wealth

This is my reminder that before I grab something due to hunger, boredom or even stress, that my health is my wealth. It’s also a reminder that His provision for me is to see Him in everything I do. Even food. Because I am worth it. And so are YOU.

Wade and Tiffany Nagy