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The Heart of a Good Shepherd

The Heart of a Good Shepherd

Ezekiel refers to the Jewish people as Israel. Calling together all of the Jews of the Northern and Southern kingdoms that were being held in captivity. They were the Israelites. God’s chosen people. Israel is US. God’s Chosen People. Israel means, “to wrestle with God.” It is okay to wrestle with God. He invites us into the wrestle with Him because He knew that we would. But when we ignore Him or pretend to serve Him only to appease those around us, we will only wrestle with ourselves. Wrestling within ourselves produces worry, anxiety, and despair. But wrestling with God produces strength, perseverance, and growth. We can wrestle with God because He is a Good Shepherd

But first, we must know the Heart of a Good Shepherd.

This month, I’ve been writing about things of the heart. It’s been a personal challenge of mine to write 52 blogs (one a week) for the year 2020. It’s much harder than it sounds. Taking each month and breaking it into a topic seems to be helping my workflow but I also want to be careful not to limit God or what He wants to say through me. Sometimes I can wrap myself into a box full of comfort, structure, and details and forget that most times He wants me to break away from my plans and spontaneously live for His. Therefore I am taking a risk and sharing this post with you.

For some time now, people have asked me to do a podcast. Saying my voice and my stories give them Hope and encouragement. Although I think that is a crazy idea and I am not even considering it at this point, I did step out and do a video of myself teaching. Wade and I are taking a class together, therefore I had to miss my local Bible Study. So I had to get creative. I didn’t even watch it until today.

It took me 4 attempts. The first one was fine but the dog literally barked the whole time. My 2nd attempt was great but I deleted it because I have no idea what I am doing. On the 3rd, I was too bitter about deleting the video that you could hear the frustration in my voice. So here is my 4th attempt (unedited and in my PJs) that I vulnerably share with you.

The Heart of a Good Shepherd.

The Heart of a Good Shepherd is to bring us Full Circle. To repent from our past, take hold of the Hope we have in Jesus and give that hope to others. For more of April’s story who I speak about at the end of the video, follow her on Instagram.

Wade and Tiffany Nagy