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Created For

a blank canvas- our life to live for a place we were all created for.

The night before last I thought I was about to meet Jesus face to face. My fever had hit 104 and for the first time, maybe ever, I wanted to be outside of my own skin. I was in so much physical pain that for a moment, I caught myself praying, “Just let me go to sleep and take me home” without much recognition of what I had here on Earth. Some would say I was a bit dramatic (I would agree) while others may say I was a bit selfish for desiring to end my own misery to bring mourning into the hearts of others left (I would also agree) while others may just say… she knew what she was created for.

I often find that in moments of great trial, our truest form of heart is shown. We find what we are created for when we are hard-pressed, but not broken.

If the shock with the flu wasn’t enough, tonight I was hoping for a much less dramatic night. I am finally feeling more like myself and less like death, but yet here I am on my computer talking to all of you. That’s because instead of being restless with a virus, I was woken with a dream.

It was of a young girl, standing beside her husband sharing her death sentence. I sensed knowing the girl in my dream. She certainly felt familiar but her identity was left anonymous and her story was the only thing concrete. She was telling her closest family and friends, along with her husband’s side that she had received her death sentence. The cancer had plagued her body and her days were numbered. There was nothing she could do but embrace each day for what it was and know that her days here on earth were almost over– soon she would be called home.

After listening to her video, I went to the comment section to type these words. The same words that awoke me from this vivid dream. It was as real as me actually typing on this screen tonight.

Praying for you– your days are numbered but truth be told, all of our days are numbered. But yet a commission was also given. To heal the sick, pray for the lost and the broken, and live each day as there was no tomorrow. Because ALL of our days are numbered– since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve ate from the tree, we’ve had a death sentence. A certain amount of time that we are called to live here on earth, living the Great Commission, until God takes us home. To a better place.

A place we were all created for.

It was these words that inspired me to get up out of a warm bed and write. It should be these words that I live my life for daily. In everything that I do.

It’s these words that I am a better daughter of Christ because it allows me to see with a greater perspective that my circumstances are not of my own, but opportunities to share the Creator that lives inside of me. These circumstances, although pressing, have the ability to expand my reach causing Jesus more influence in the world around me. Cause greater is He, that is in me, then he that is of the world.

A place we were all created for.

It’s these words that should cause me to be a better wife and mother. These words should allow me a patience and a self-control to always place them first. A deep desire to leave an impact, knowing that as my life may be like a blink, my story, my legacy doesn’t have to be. What I do for them and speak into them, matters. The stories I write. They matter because each impressionable moment that I take the time time to share with them is a purpose that will live on much past my own lifetime.

A place we were all created for.

It’s these words that should inspire me to be better at my career. Knowing that being a realtor, a teacher, or whatever is next isn’t the ultimate goal. Money, although important and effective when serving the Kingdom isn’t the most important, it’s the people that God places in my path. I am the first to admit, as a realtor sometimes the people that suck the most of my time make me the least amount of money (if any) and I really have to do a heart check on myself. But at the end of the day, I know that God places people in my life for a reason and that is what I am commissioned to do.

A place we were all created for.

Circumstances. Knowing what I am created for should help me see my circumstances as temporary. No matter the outcome, here on earth or in Heaven. I should be able to see my circumstances as opportunities to grow in my relationship with Christ, ignite others in their own walk with Christ and share in my weaknesses with other believers, because it is there, that we can find common ground and a sturdy place to land– He is our strength when we are weak.

So why do I write? Well, for a long time, I wrote my way out of circumstances and it gave me an outlet to share our struggles, our victories, and all that God was doing. There have been seasons where I have written because I want to one day be a “writer.” But tonight, I wrote because I felt like God woke me up to do so.

Someone out there has been given a death sentence. A physical number of how long they have to live and I want to use this opportunity to say– LIVE. Live with all you have and remember what you were created for. May we all learn from you and realize that all of our days are numbered and that what we make of them matters more than how many we have left.

To live like we know the place we were created for.

And that I am praying for you.

Wade and Tiffany Nagy