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In 2009, I started a family blog (This Whole House) based on squishy baby rolls and milestones to be shared with family and close friends.  A massive layoff, two and half years of unemployment with food stamps, brought out a passion that I never knew I had.


I soon learned that as I shared my own challenges, others were more open with theirs.  Our losses, our disappointments, our struggles became open doors for us to pray for others who were dealing with the hard stuff.  These open doors of opportunity made our own struggle seem smaller and semi worth it because we realized that just like Romans 8:28 says… 

He turns all things to good.

This Whole House was also a place for me to share some of our love for houses.  Especially since we have lived in N I N E.  Always being on a budget, Wade and I have learned how to make quick fixes, save money and be content in what we have.  In 2016, God asked me to lay it all down.  I reluctantly obeyed and for several years, I went back to solely pen and paper and experienced a great intimacy with the Lord.  There were no pressures of grammar or approval, just my thoughts and stories offered to the Lord.

We have moved from North Carolina to Florida, Florida to North Carolina and finally, North Carolina to Florida.  Did you get that?! Yea, it feels crazy to us too.  Through all of the unknown, all of the many transitions and all of the leaps of faith, we have seen God’s faithfulness and had our own hearts refined along the way.  

We share encouragement for your heart, your home and your health, along with stories and such. Because we want you to live your best life. Together.