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Finding Beautiful Things.

Today, marks four months since we picked up our life and moved to Florida.  I wanted to write today to update anyone that cares, but I also wanted to document simply because each time I go back in time to read an old blog post, it brings such perspective into my viewfinder that I cannot help but to be grateful for all that God has done.  Some of my most profound words on this blog have come from the middle of a hard place, but yet as I re-read those raw emotions years later, I become grateful that God has chosen me to follow this very path, hard places and all. 

It’s in the hard places that life is formed.  Renewed and made WHOLE. 

So what has happened in 4 months. 

The first few months were full of weird feelings of living in an unfamiliar town.  Everything was new.  Even the trips to the grocery store were out of the ordinary and although I was homesick during this time, the sense of adventure of not knowing was something that brought an inner excitement. 

Some time around month three, I noticed that I was using my GPS less and that I was driving while day dreaming.  Scary I know, but I think we all do it.  Right?  This brought some feel good feelings and less stressful trips out with all 4 kiddos, but it also brought in some reality.  The reality of… “this is really home.”  The idea that we are actually going to stay here, the idea that we are now Floridians and soon we will be changing our license plate (which expired 2 months ago but I have avoided this because I am in denial) over to Florida plates began to sink in and it created even more homesickness. 

Some of my greatest friends in the world came to visit followed by a sweet visit from my mom and dad.  For several days, I lost sight of where I was and imagined that I was home again.  Close to family and friends and all things North Carolina.  So you can imagine how I felt when they all left.  I may have went into an M&M eating frenzy and chose to stay in “the box” for a few days longer than I should have. 

So why am I telling you all of this?  I promise it isn’t to bog you down with depressed feelings or make you feel sorry for me.  Because amidst all of this, has been such beauty. 

I tell you this because this has been OUR hard place for this season.  For once it’s not finances, or jobs or health.  It’s an inner uncomfortable feeling that causes us to ache, but yet it FORCES us to SEEK.  That is what pain does.  As Believers, it causes us to seek out the good in our life and look around to find the beneficial purposes of all of it so that we can move forward and learn what it is that God is trying to teach us. 

Amidst all of the loneliness and quietness, has been HUGE words from Him that has assured us we are exactly where we need to be.  During the “down time” has been great revelation and understanding as we read His word in a greater measure than before when we were too busy to sit down and breath.  Amidst the tininess of “the box” has been sweet moments with our girls, intentional time as a family and half way delicious dinners prepared by this mom who once never had time and hated the thought of cooking.  There has been such a rest here that is unsurpassable and it has caused us all to reflect on what is ahead for our family. 

It’s the beauty in the hard place.

I hope you can find yours.


keep reading to see a few photo highlights…

Although I once said I would NEVER live in Florida (God has such a sense of humor) I do LOVE the warm weather and the beaches it has to offer.

And you know us Nagy’s love to eat.  It’s been so fun finding our new hot spots to down some yummy food.  This one was fried food galore.  With scenery to match.

Sweet finds like Sweet Peas where coffee and happy kiddos go hand in hand. 

A school that is full of love, Jesus and real world stuff.  It hasn’t been candy canes and lolly pops, but it sure has been His grace handling all of it and adjusting their little hearts to all things new.  

Even learning to speak up and raise your hand.  These girls are finding their place and it has been a beautiful thing to watch.

Sweet mornings with this one.  Although I have realized that this one has had absolutely NO discipline in her little life and we have had to do some readjusting, it has been so fun learning her personality while the big sisters are in school.  Watching her become a big sister has been such a joy. 

And gym time to boot.  Who even had time for that before now?!?!

Hillsong Concerts and time with Wilmington Family who just so happens to be attending South Eastern… so having him near us has been so much fun. 

This is us… pretending not to be taking a selfie.

Visits from NC friends and adventuring out to find new places.  This weekend was good for the heart.

Celebrating 9 years and dreaming of our 10-year-no-kid-anniversary-excursion with this man that I get to call my husband.  

Getting to know “old” friends much better than before.  This gal, I have known since 2011.  But now that God has brought our paths closer, I have never been more grateful for this heart of gold that she carries. 

Celebrating this little peanut’s BIG day.  I may have cried more than appropriate all because the reality of not having a baby any more sunk in, but she had such a fun day.  And I loved playing photographer. 

And because we are The Nagy’s who love to throw fun, BIG, birthday parties, we invited some of our new friends.  God has blessed us already with some great people and we are looking forward to getting to know these people even more as the time passes by. 

So I will leave you with this.  Our time here may seem to “stand still” at moments when the days are long and I ache for familiar faces and places, but looking back over the last 4 months, it is evident that God is working out beautiful things in the unfamiliar territory we now call home. 

Wade and Tiffany Nagy

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